Connect with employees as people, not workers

Build relationships, employee engagement, and sustainable bottom line improvement.

Recognize your employees

Build a culture of recognition where everyone has a face, is publicly appreciated, and can make equal contributions.

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Build team spirit

Help create the meaningful friendships and trust between employees, on which company loyalty is built.

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Communicate with your team

Improve your communication by listening to your employees and reaching them how they want to be reached.

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The "survey trap"

Engage from beyond the keyboard

Don't fall into the "survey trap". Engagement is more than just a survey or a number, true engagement is a one on one, face to face people process.

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69% of workers are not engaged at work

17% of which are actively disengaged. Unhappy and resentful, these silent assassins are disrupting and damaging companies from within.
Poor Quality Control
Safety Issues
Lower Productivity
U.S. employees not engaged in their work
Est. annual cost of voluntary turnover
Cost of lost productivity due to disengaged employees

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