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How Spirit can keep your community connected during the COVID-19 pandemic
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Creating community remotely

Connor Ford

To our Spirit community,

It’s not exactly an earth shattering opening to say that COVID-19 has changed the way we live, work, and learn. So many of our norms have been redefined. What hasn’t changed, and in fact what has been highlighted more than ever, is the human need for connection. At Spirit, we’re all about connection, it’s the reason we started our company and at the core of our DNA.

So during lock-down we’ve been busier than ever. We’ve spent our time evaluating what we can do to help our community adapt, both to the situation we find ourselves in now, and to what our needs might be moving forward. As a result of this we’ve added some cool new features, and created some recommendations on how you can keep connected with your community, even while you’re apart.

What we’ve done to help

We used to be all about getting folks together face to face and getting to know each other away from the keyboard. How times have changed. While there will undoubtedly be a return to this, we have seen a huge uptick in online events, something we predict is going to be much more of a new normal moving forward. 

For that reason we’ve added a new feature to help virtual event hosts. Now, in the Admin Console, you can add a live stream (Youtube, Twitch, etc.) or a meeting (Zoom, Google Meet, etc.) link to your event. The live link will then appear on the event page in Spirit when it’s time for the event to begin.

And the big one for schools - during these challenging times it’s important to us to see students maintaining relationships and school spirit surviving. To help with this, we’re offering Spirit for free to every new K-12 school during shutdown (until you reopen). Simply send us an email at and we’ll help get you setup.

Inspiration for schools

Just because school is cancelled, it doesn’t mean school spirit has to be. Schools can use Spirit to keep students engaged with each other online. Here are some ideas for how you can keep your community connected:

  • Host virtual trivia nights between your grade levels and use Spirit Competitions to track points and disseminate information.
  • Use Spirit Announcements to show stories of what’s going on in the school community.
  • Use Spirit Messaging to send words of encouragement to students.
  • Host grade v grade esport competitions using Spirit Competitions and our new live stream link with Twitch.

Inspiration for businesses

Many businesses have been forced to make the transition to working remotely. Spirit can help with keeping your employees engaged during the online transition. Here are some ways Spirit can help:

  • Host trivia nights between employees using Spirit Competitions to create teams and track points.
  • Send virtual high fives and recognition to employees.
  • Highlight stories of employees working at home with Spirit Announcements.

We may be physically apart, but also we’ve never been more together. Let’s maintain our community, our connection, and our spirit.

Stay healthy,


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