Create opportunities for connection

Employees who report having a 'best friend' at work are 7x more likely to stay with the company.
How we do it

Every employee is in a team

These aren't functional or project based teams, these are fun teams which mix up the office and break down department silos.
OG ATLiens 👽
Notorious ENG 🇬🇧

Employees earn points

Create as many opportunities as you can for your employees to earn Spirit points

Learn more about earning points

Good old fashioned competition

The Spirit leaderboard keeps a real time track of everyone’s achievements, both as teams and individuals.

Create fun competitions

Use this to create fun competitions, and maybe fund some prizes along the way. Here’s your chance to be creative, although don’t forget to harness the competitive nature of your crew. You don’t need to spend a chunk of cash on the prizes because, after all, office bragging rights are often the most powerful currency :)

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